Upholding Integrity and ethical values at all times., Direct' Open and Transparent communication, Focus on clients and 100% commitment, Providing high-quality reliable output, Building on people as the source of strength, Team-orientation and commitment to each other

A team of IT experts who will provide
innovative software solutions to the global market.

About Us


Spacetech Solutions Private Limited is a team of engineers, designers, and developers who will provide cutting edge digital transformation consultancy and custom software development services to the global market. Spacetech partners in a radically open and transparent process to understand the unique needs of clients and to build powerful software solutions. The core values that Spacetech will adhere to during the provision of services are given below

  • Upholding Integrity and ethical values at all times.
  • Direct, open, and transparent communication.
  • Focus on clients and 100% commitment.
  • Providing high-quality reliable output.
  • Building on people as the source of strength.
  • Team-orientation and commitment to each other.

  • Spacetech has the capacity to suggest solutions using a wide range of engineering disciplines including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Mobile, Machine Learning, Big Data, Cloud Computing and other innovative technologies interconnected with user experience to deliver significant value.

    The Spacetech team has worked with hundreds of high-profile businesses all the way to startups, so we have plenty of experience. Customers will love the software Spacetech has build, from which value will flowing since day one of implementation. Spacetech provides guaranteed tech output and stress-free support enabling customers to focus on their core business and profits.


    Technology Solutions is the leading provider of I.T. solutions in the Space Tech. Partnering with the best of breed technologies such as orale, java & Angularjs we employ best practices developed over thirty years of service. We are extremely committed to delivering quality advice, sales and support to assist our clients to achieve the maximum from their I.T. investment.

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    Our Service

    Application Migration

    Business Application Development

    Businesses are on the constant lookout for ways to increase revenue. They need software solutions to modernize their operations, defeat internal challenges, boost productivity, and enrich customer service which will lead to smooth growth. Spacetech will take time to understand the requirements of every business, map the gaps and offer a broad range of custom software solutions that can be adopted comfortably.


    Mobile App Development

    Sri Lanka has a high smartphone penetration and internet usage rate. A mobile app has proven to be one of the most effective ways to engage potential customers. Spacetech developers have the capability to develop native apps for iOS, and Android. They have created mobile apps for clients in many industries, from medical to manufacturing – the experience which they will draw from.


    Full-Stack Web Development

    A good first impression is priceless. Consumers these days decide on engaging a store, restaurant or office based on a website. They're likely to dismiss the business entirely if they believe it doesn’t demonstrate the necessary experience. Spacetech will develop the dream website for the business, which will provide an excellent user experience.


    SEO and SMM

    Search engine optimization (SEO) and SMM (social media marketing) are inevitable in today’s context. It is important to optimize the website in a manner it appears in the customer's search result. Marketing through social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube) has proven to give many businesses the competitive edge. Spacetech has the expertise to provide SEO and SMM services which guarantees results.


    Big Data & Business Intelligence Software Development

    Analyzing data provides the keys for the business to identify new opportunities. This in turn leads to smarter business moves, more efficient operations, higher profits and happier customers. Spacetech has the tools and the experts who will work with the business closely to unlock the value of big data. The results and interpretation will guarantee better understanding of customer behavior.


    Application Migration

    Adoption of a new platform/technology can be a tedious task that can lead to significant operational and technological mishaps. Spacetech provides data migration services that will reduce the above risks and protect data of the business. The company will deploy smart and more cost-effective technologies which will ensure minimal disruption, guaranteeing a smooth transition.

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    We look forward to work on new projects. So if you have a query regarding a venture of yours, or anything else for that matter, do get in touch and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Looking forward to work with you'll.

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